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VVS® Modular Side Curtain System

Galebreaker's totally flexible side curtain system means you can have the combination of options which fits your needs exactly.

VentTube PPTV

Galebreaker VentTubes provide plenty of fresh, draught-free, equally dispersed air at animal level to remove moisture, gases, airborne pathogens and/or excess heat.


Sliding curtain door system which runs on overhead tracking providing weather protection and ventilation for agricultural buildings with wide openings.


Easy to install lightweight material with 70% shade factor for livestock welfare.

Sila-Cover® 300 Silage Covers

Tough silage protection for maize & grass silage. Silage sheets and bags.


Rollerscreen system providing fast access, weather protection and variable ventilation.

Rollerdoor Manual

An economical long lasting economy door for agricultural buildings.