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Maxumtech Fans

Maxumtech fans help to provide a healthy environment for housed livestock by increasing air speeds to achieve a chill effect on the animals and to bring fresh clean outside air into the building.

VentTube PPTV

Galebreaker VentTubes provide plenty of fresh, draught-free, equally dispersed air at animal level to remove moisture, gases, airborne pathogens and/or excess heat.

VVS® Modular Side Curtain System

Galebreaker's totally flexible side curtain system means you can have the combination of options which fits your needs exactly.

Sila-Cover® 300 Silage Covers

Tough silage protection for maize & grass silage. Silage sheets and bags.

PVC Strip

Strip available in 50m rolls for DIY installation.

Bird Net

14mm strong extruded mesh ideal for bird-proofing grain and feed stores.


An extruded plastic windbreak in roll form.